In our offer there are now new tractors of two brands: Ursus and Massey Ferguson. It is only through many years of solid cooperation with Polish Tractors ™, we can offer a wide range of simple and reliable tractors. Our models have power 40-85KM, both with cabins and glare shields . Each model is normally equipped with rear-wheel drive with a possibility to install 4×4 drive.

In the range of Ursus tractors we offer:

  1. 2812, 50HP, the smallest tractor manufactured by Ursus
  2. 3512, 60HP, a medium and the most versatile tractor in Ursus family
  3. 4512, 75HP, a big tractor, for more demanding farmers

In the range of Massey Ferguson tractors we offer:

  1. 240, 40HP, the simplest tractor available in Massey Ferguson offer
  2. 260, 60hp, a tractor equipped with a turbine
  3. 350, 50HP, medium and the most versatile tractor
  4. 360, 60hp, a tractor equipped with a turbine
  5. 375, 75hp, a big tractor, designed for more advanced work
  6. 385, 85HP, the largest tractor available in the Massey Ferguson offer

In addition, we have a wide range of agricultural equipment, in particular:

  1. Sprinklers
  2. Plows
  3. Salt spreaders
  4. Sand trucks
  5. Harrows
  6. Trailers
Fertilizers is the most popular segment of Selected Solutions offer. Establishing long-term cooperation with one of the two largest producers of fertilizers in the world, it undoubtedly firmly confirmed our strong market position. It is only through a solid cooperation with the potentates we
can offer fertilizers in any form and with the most varied specifications. Excellent quality of our products resulted in a permanent enlarging number of customers. The list of mineral fertilizers, which we can provide for you to any part of the world is shown below:

The fertilizer assortment is divided into three categories:

Multicomponent fertilizers

Multicomponent fertilizers are distinguished by homogeneous composition of each granule, high digestibility and a high concentration of pure ingredients in bulk. Multicomponent fertilizers are mainly a mixture of calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen, magnesium, potassium and boron.

Nitrogen fertilizers

Nitrogen fertilizers are versatile fertilizers, suitable for all plants and soil types, they can be applied both as seedbed and top dressing. Our offer covers fertilizers of varying concentrations of nitrogen adjusted to soils, plants, and the period of application.

Liquid fertilizers

Significant place in the offer of nitrogen fertilizers have liquid fertilizers. Our liquid fertilizer is a solution of urea and ammonium nitrate. It can be also enriched with sulfur.

Our professional approach to business has resulted in signing an agreement with the world leader of hygiene products. A wide range of products makes a lot of interest among our customers. The product range is addressed to every social group, from infants to seniors. Taking into consideration the fact that the matter of personal hygiene quality is remembered much longer than the price, Selected Solutions signed a cooperation agreement with a well-known and a worldwide
award-winning partner.:

Child Care Products

  1. Diapers for children
  2. Cosmetics for children
  3. Wet wipes
  4. Cosmetics for children and infants


  1. Cotton pads
  2. Organic cotton ear buds
  3. Cotton swabs,
  4. Cotton wool and cotton bandage

Senior Care Products

  1. Adults Incontinence Products
  2. Wide range of absorbent products
  3. Skin care products
  4. Urological sanitary pads for women and men
  5. Anatomic Diapers
  6. Napkin-pants and flexible panties
  7. Bed protectors and specialized care products.

Feminine Care

  1. Pads
  2. Panty Liners
  3. Tampons and cosmetics for intimate hygiene
In the construction industry as well as in others, Selected Solutions has a principle to cooperate just
only with reputable suppliers. All products in our offer meet the demanding European standards. Each
category has materials in economy, medium and premium class. Among construction products
available in our catalog we can distinguish the following:

  1. Doors
  2. Windows (wooden and plastic)
  3. Glass
  4. Multi-layer wooden panels
  5. Bathroom equipment such as: sinks, bathtubs, shower trays, toilets
  6. Ceramic tiles (glazed , terra cotta tiles)
  7. Construction chemistry products (gypsum, mortars, adhesives, plasters, paint)
  8. Cement

In our range of products there have also recently appeared construction vehicles and machinery. They are mostly vehicles after lease in a very good condition.

  1. Excavators
  2. Backhoe loader
  3. Crushers
  4. Tippers